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New For Lent 2020

Stations of the Cross for Spouses

Brad and Libby DuPont offer a poignant and thought provoking way to make the stations relevant to married couples. Click Stations for Spouses to preview the first three stations.

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Examination of Conscience for Spouses

Too often we examine our conscience the way we did when we were children and only think in terms of the Ten Commandments. As married couples, it is more helpful to look at our behavior through the lens of our relationship as husband and wife, what we have done and what we have failed to do. Our most grievous sins or failings are often connected with the way we treat our spouse and so we offer this Examination of Conscience for Couples as a way to grow in holiness through our most significant belonging relationship. Click here to view a Couple’s Examine.

Video Resources for All Couples

Top Ten Tips for Living in Love:

View a 90 minute talk given at Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Plymouth, MI in March 2015. Ron and Kathy Feher expand on ten tips for Living in Love.


View a 90 minute conversational interview about the Top Ten Tips facilitated by Pete and Geri Scazzero of New Life fellowship in Queens, NY in May 2017. Ron and Kathy Feher share personally on how the ten tips can build an extraordinary marriage.


Program Resources for Married Couples

Every Day in Love:

The perfect date night and ideal adult learning experience for couples of any age or marital experience. Every Day in Love is engaging, experiential, and packed full of relevant insights and practical skills. Designed to enrich any marriage there are no prerequisites. Most often experienced as part of a large group presentation using live or video based content facilitation, Every Day in Love can also be experienced by individual couples or spouses in the comfort of their own home using video streaming. This is the very best marriage enrichment program available today featuring four upbeat, fun-filled, and empowering three-hour sessions with state of the art printed material:
• “Smart Loving”
• “The Passionate Couple”
• “Talking with Purpose”
• “Living the Dream”

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The Living in Love retreat workshop:

Every married couple can benefit from the refreshingly positive and liberating experience of Living in Love, a day-and-a-half retreat workshop held in parish facilities that is designed to empower couples to pro-actively live in love more consistently. Living in Love validates the unique gifts of both masculine and feminine spirituality while calling both men and women to a life of other-centered generosity. Both men and women feel very much at home with the action-oriented, common-sense insight into relationship, and young, modern couples especially appreciate the latest research from the sciences and the atmosphere that respects them as thinking adults. Jesuit in nature, Living in Love provides an opportunity for couples to reflect on all the good they have going for them while picking apart the things that interfere with living the passionate, loving relationship they desire and are absolutely capable of at any age or circumstance.

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Living in Love Every Day skills course:

Follow up the Living in Love weekend with a once-a-week, 2 hour session that can be the perfect date night packed with insights, everyday strategies, and practical skills offered in an ideal adult learning setting. Living in Love Every Day builds on the inspiration and motivation of the Living in Love retreat workshop to teach couples how to take their relationship to the next level of personal attentiveness, intimate communication, and continual growth in relationship. Colorful state of the art printed materials complement eight experiential sessions that are positively life-changing. Each topical area builds on the content and skills of the preceeding sessions to equip couples with the skills and insights they need and deserve to live a life of mutual self-donation. Each couple has the opportunity to try out and concrete practices that will transform the way they are with one another on a daily basis even amidst the frantic activity of our day-to-day lives.

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Enrichment Resources for All Couples:

The Pastoral and Matrimonial Resource Center offers couples unique resources for growth in their own relationship through Books and Booklets, video and audio tapes, and links to global affiliates. Access the work of Fr. Chuck Gallagher S.J. as well as engaging booklets and pamphlets from other PMRC contributors to help couples live out the full vision of John Paul II’s Theology of the Body in practical terms.


Fr Chuck Gallagher, S.J. is a prolific author whose timeless works are available through this web site and other commercial sites such as

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Numerous video tapes of Fr Chuck Gallagher, S.J. are in the process of being converted to DVD format for purchase and online viewing. As they become available they will be posted here and on

Fr Chuck Gallagher

Sexy, Saint or Sinner

Ron and Kathy Feher

Extraordinary People – Talk on Prayer

Audio Tapes:

Numerous audio tapes of Fr Chuck Gallagher, S.J. are available for purchase. They are also in the process of being converted to MP3 format for purchase and download.

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Internet Links:

PMRC global affiliates offer additional resources that couples may find useful. The following sites are recommended:

Living Well Media

PMRC – Australia

Worldwide Marriage Encounter

Fr Johnny Doherty