Comments from Engaged Couples: Preparing to Live in Love

Overall, we were INCREDIBLY happy with our marriage prep sessions.

Our mentor couple impressed us greatly with their open, honest and welcoming manner.

We were so relieved to have such an understanding couple to work with. They were incredibly generous and giving.

Our mentors were always easy going and always made us feel extremely comfortable and at ease. They encouraged questions and welcomed our thoughts and ideas. They made us feel at home in their presence and we greatly enjoyed our time with them.

This has been wonderful for us!

Our mentor couple had so much experience to share and so many insights on marriage and life in general that could benefit any engaged couple.

Everything I was hoping for and more. I am so grateful this program was recommended to us.

Our Mentors made us feel welcome to the parish and helped us feel more a part of our parish community.

All sessions were meaningful for relationship.

We would suggest PPL to other engaged couples.

Our Mentor couple was humble, other centered, wonderful examples of marriage built on a good foundation.

More beneficial than other prep programs.

It helped to open both of our eyes to so much and we really feel as though we are so adequately prepared for the Sacrament of Marriage. It strengthened our love and understanding of each other and provided us with invaluable tools to utilize throughout our marriage. I cannot thank our mentors enough.

We LOVED our Mentor Couple. They were wonderful. They were warm, caring, and truly invested in helping us in the marriage preparation progress.

It was more than what we expected.

This process has allowed me to improve my personal humanity and I believe that this will benefit me not only in my marriage but in all relationships.

Our mentors were completely an awesome couple to have this mentor program with. They were friendly and down to earth. It was an honor to welcome us into their home as well as meeting their children. It was a fun experience that we’ve had with them.

Mentors were exceptional, made experience very enjoyable, never made us feel intimidated. Open to questions, kind, sensitive, articulate difficult topic clearly, w ease, grace, love. Wonderful example of marriage. Program is wonderful.

We laughed a lot and looked forward to each week.

Our mentoring couple was excellent. They did a fantastic job each week. They were patient. They were always willing to help and share their experiences.