Whether you are a Priest with a parish staff ambitioning for your people, a couple seeking to continue to grow in your relationship, or a married couple living out your sacramental calling to witness to the love of Christ as a Preparing to Live in Love Mentor or Living in Love Presentor, this web site will provide resources that will be helpful to you.

The Pastoral and Matrimonial Renewal Center (PMRC) is committed to developing and providing resources to help people to grow in their most significant belonging relationships.  Much of the existing body of work available through this web site is the life’s work of Father Chuck Gallagher, S.J. originator and driving force behind Worldwide Marriage Encounter, the Parish Renewal Experience (aka Call to be Catholic and Church weekend), Celebrate Love, and Living in Love.  There are also the historical resources developed by the early Marriage Encounter Resource Community and the extended staff of the PMRC as well as the continuing work of the current Office and Staff of the PMRC.

These resources represents 40 years of multi-national, grass roots reflection, discussion, and lived experience, but it is an unfinished story as priests and couples continue to plumb the depths of relationship in a constantly changing cultural environment.  While life in 2011 is certainly different than it was in the 1970’s, it is amazing how the basic truths of relationship remain the same.

We hope that you will benefit from existing resources and contribute to new resources that will benefit those who will follow you.