For the Engaged

If you are an engaged couple, this page provides access to useful information that will help you know what you need to do prior to your wedding to satisfy the church’s requirements for marriage education and documentation.

Every diocese has its own unique requirements and preferred programs; so your own diocesan web site is the final authority. Be sure that you are familiar with local policies and use the information available here to the extent that it is useful to you.

As soon as you are engaged:

The first thing to do after you decide to marry is to arrange to meet with your parish priest, deacon, or other designated member of the parish staff. They will assist you in setting a date for your wedding and familiarize you with all that needs to happen to enable you to marry by that date.

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The church knows how important it is to prepare for the vocation of marriage and offers a variety of options. We believe that one-on-one parish-based mentoring using Preparing to Live in Love is the ideal. In certain circumstances, a group adaptation called Beginning to Live in Love is the best alternative. Check your diocesan website for approved options and register for the option that suits you best as soon as possible.

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Documents You May Need:

Every engaged couple will need to provide documentation that demonstrates that they are free to marry in the Catholic Church. For most couples marrying for the first time, this is simply an authenticated copy of your Baptismal Record from the parish where your Baptism took place. For others, including those who have been married before, other documentation is also required. Please, check with your priest or deacon for what is required and your diocesan web site for how to obtain them. The following Checklist Email summarizes what is usually necessary.

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