Living in Love Leader’s Gathering 2015 Registration

Gathering Registration Form

Registration for 26 Sep Event
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  • Can you receive Text Messages on your cell phone(s)?
  • Are you attending the World Meeting of Families Conference Monday - Friday, 21-25 Sep?
  • Do you need housing for the Living in Love Leader's Gathering? For which nights?
  • If you live in the Delaware Valley area, can you host one or more couples or priests in your home? If yes, we will contact you to see what accommodations you are able to offer.
  • Do you plan to stay for the Papal Mass on Sunday, 27 Sep?
  • Please, tell us about any allergies or dietary restrictions that you may have so that we can adequately plan food and hospitality.
  • Are you able to make a financial donation to assist any one who wishes to attend the Gathering but cannot afford transportation costs? What amount would you be willing to donate if needed?
  • Do you have any comments or suggestions that would be helpful in planning this event?