Beginning to Live in Love

The Core Curriculum
Post-Program Evaluation


Beginning to Live in Love is a small or large group application of the same content and exercises offered through Preparing to Live in Love, the popular, life-changing, parish-based, one-on-one mentoring program for marriage preparation.

The key components that make Beginning to Live in Love incredibly effective are:
• The latest scientific research integrated with John Paul II’s Theology of the Body
• Practical life-skills, principles, and strategies using an experiential curriculum
• A uniquely positive, proactive mindset that appeals to modern couples
• The authentic witness of joyful married couples who are passionately living in love

Beginning to Live in Love takes place once a week for four weeks. Each engaging three-hour session includes state of the art take home materials. Topics are practical and relevant giving couples a sense of control over their own destiny and the confidence that they have the tools to live the life they desire.

Each engaged couple has the opportunity to experience the immediate benefit and then put into practice the skills taught in Beginning to Live in Love. Each session includes exercises that personalize the content for the engaged and helps them to learn by doing under the guidance of the mentor couple team. Homework assignments reinforce the program content with everyday activities that drive home the practical reality of living in love amidst the stresses of ordinary life, allow the engaged to adopt helpful behaviors, and practice the “smart loving” skills they have learned.

Beginning to Live in Love is not yet available everywhere. If there is any question about it being available where you live, please contact us directly. Once you are ready to sign up, just click on the Register Now button. Once we receive your registration, we will contact you.

The Core Curriculum

Session 1

A Mission to Love/Smart Loving
Fun-filled, helpful exercises designed to free us from limiting expectations while discovering how to love the way the other most wants and needs to be loved.

Session 2

Communicating for Intimacy/ Forgiveness and Healing
Practical skills to build intimacy and trust through feeling level verbal communication and empathetic listening. Principles, processes, and practices for growing closer through reconciliation, forgiveness and healing.

Session 3

Matrimony as a Sexual Sacrament
The call of the church is to live a deeply sexual, passionate, and intimate love as a sign of Christ’s love for the church supported by prayer and the community of the faithful. Insights intoapproaching lovemaking as something we are “saying,” not “doing,” to each other. Examining the experience of inviting God into our love for each other and of maternity and paternity.

Session 4

Becoming a Couple
Skills for avoiding arguments, makingcouple decisions, and developing couple values based on making what is important to you important to me. If we are not growing closer, we are growing apoart. Tools to ensure that our marriage includes plans to intentionally grow in love.

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BLL Post-Program Evaluation

As someone who has completed the Beginning to Live in Love program, please take a few minutes to provide feedback on your unique experience. Your input will be extremely valuable to us in communicating the effectiveness of the program in order to promote it in new parishes and dioceses, as well as encouraging other engaged couples to experience Beginning to Live in Love.

BLL Post-Program Evaluation Survey

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