Collected Works of Fr Chuck Gallagher, S.J.

Fr. Chuck Gallagher, S.J. was the founder and visionary behind the Pastoral and Matrimonial Renewal Center (PMRC), an international network of couples, priests, and singles who worked to develop programs and resources to assist others in growing in their most significant belonging relationships. Fr Chuck’s personal work as well as works produced in collaboration with others influenced by his spirituality and ecclesiology but contributing their own lived experience represents a significant work of the Church in the later decades of the 20th century.

Fr Chuck was a compelling and prophetic voice in the Catholic Church for the Sacrament of Matrimony and the joy of the Incarnation for over five decades, 1968-2013. The documents available through this website will hopefully keep his vision and passion for the church alive for centuries to come.

One Flesh

Fr Chuck’s flagship work, predating Pope John Paul II’s Theology Of The Body, is the book “One Flesh” which provides a challenging, inspirational, and prophetic vision of the role of marriage in the church. It delves deeply into how the sacrament of matrimony is intended and depended upon to reveal the church to itself through the vibrant, living witness of conjugal love. One Flesh is currently out of print but may be viewed here, downloaded from this website, or possibly found on

ONE FLESH (Word Document)

The Celibacy Myth

Written by Fr Chuck and Fr Tom Vandenberg, The Celibacy Myth stands alone in it’s witness to a unique spirituality for the parish priest. This immensely positive presentaton of the charism of celibacy in, of, and for the Church focuses on the priestly way of “loving for life.” A must read for priests and laity alike, The Celibacy Myth is about all of us. Because married couples play a significant role in the understanding of celibacy, the authors explore the developing theology of sacramental marriage and the important relationship between matrimonied couples and celibate priests. Priests will welcome this affirmative book. Seminarians will benefit greatly from it’s insights, and all lay people who are concerned about the happiness and health of their priests will value its relational approach.

While no longer in print, you may read The Celibacy Myth online or download it for your private use.


Living in Love/Celebrate Love Series

Topical booklets addressing and expanding on the content of the Living in Love (Celebrate Love) Retreat/Workshop. Items can be viewed here, downloaded from this website, or in some cases, ordered in hard copy.

Celebrate Love Series

Parish Renewal/Called To Be Catholic

The Parish Renewal weekend and Priest Training significantly impacted over 10% of the priests in the United States and millions of parishioners worldwide beginning in 1978 and continuing through the 1980’s. Developing a rich theology of what it means to be Catholic in relationship terms, Parish Renewal promoted healing and reconciliation between priests and their Bishops, Pastors and parishioners, and a deeper level of belonging within the parish community.

Parish Renewal Outlines and supporting documentation

The two seminal works supporting the parish renewal weekend, also known as the Parish Renewal Experience (PREX) and Called To Be Catholic, are Being and Touching the Body of Christ. The text of these booklets may be downloaded from this website for free.


Working At A Parish Spirituality Series

There are additional booklets in the ‘Working At A Parish Spirituality’ series. The text of these booklets may also be downloaded from this website for free.

Working at a Parish Spirituality

Audio Tapes

Other Programs


Parishioner Empowerment


A prolific author, many of Fr Chuck’s works in the 1970’s and 1980’s were published by Sadlier and Company as well as other publishing houses and may be found on These include but are not limited to:

Embodied In Love, Charles A. Gallagher, George A. Maloney, Mary F. Rousseau and Paul F. Wilczak
The Crossroad Publishing Company
370 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10017

Sex Is Holy, Mary Rousseau and Charles Gallagher
Element Inc
42 Broadway
Rockport, MA 01966

Good News for Married Lovers, Chuck Gallagher and Mary Angelee Seitz
Triump Books
New York, New York

Love Is A Couple, Fr. Chuck Gallagher, S.J.
Image Books
A Division of Doubleday & Company, Inc
Garden City, New York

Parents are Lovers, Fr Chuck Gallagher, S.J.
Image Books
A Division of Doubleday & Company, Inc
Garden City, New York

Love Takes Greatness, Fr Chuck Gallagher, S.J
Image Books
A Division of Doubleday & Company, Inc
Garden City, New York
Call to Healing, Fr. Chuck Gallagher, S.J.
William H. Sadlier, Inc.
11 Park Place
New York, New York 1007

Beatitudes for the Very Married, Rev. Chuck Gallagher, S.J.
Catholic Evangelism Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 1282
Boca Raton, FL 33429

Sexual Healing in Marriage, Mary Rousseau & Charles Gallagher
Elment, Inc.
42 Broadway
Rockport, MA 01966