Celebrate Love Booklets

The Celebrate Love Series consists of a broad array of booklets and corresponding evenings for parish couples that delve into the topics and key teaching points of the Living in Love weekend. Created by Fr Chuck Gallagher in 1992, these materials constitute a resource for any individual, couple, or group of couples who are interested in reflecting in more detail on these key concepts or sharing their reflection and experience with others. The Parish Evenings can be used as enrichment for parish couples whether or not they have experienced the Living in Love weekend.

The Passionate Couple: A refreshingly incarnational review of the theology and spirituality of Matrimony that opens eyes and brings delight. Really a must for any Sacramental Couple.
The Passionate Couple (Pdf Document)
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Let “Us” Pray: Provides practical ways for a couple to pray with one another. Real depth but a help to anyone interested in couple prayer.
Let Us Pray (Pdf Document)
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Male And Female He Created Them: Assists us in our appreciation of our complementarity as men and women. Helps us to value our masculinity and femininity.
Male and Female He Created Them (Word Document)

For Better Lovers: An examination of conscience specifically for couples. Leads us to becoming more aware of our potential to be great husbands and wives.
For Better Lovers (Word Document)

Friends Make A Difference: Exciting insights into the great resource our friends are. A book which frees us to make the most of our choice of friends for the sake of our marriage.
Friends Make A Difference (Word Document)

Principles Of Prayer: An invaluable source of insights and awareness for the couple interested in prayer. This will be a well thumbed Booklet.

Sexuality Is Heredity: Points to the formation we have experienced growing up. Enables us to understand ourselves and our spouse better.
Sexuality is Hereditary (Word Document)

You Can Change The World: Emphasizes the importance, in God’s plan for couples to have an influence in their parish and the world around. Practical and real.
You Can Change The World (Word Document)

Ambitions For Lovers: A full explanation of the Sacrament of Reconciliation and how it fits into the couple’s life. An eye opener.
Ambitions For Lovers (Word Document)

Handing On The Gift: Develops the importance of parents bringing forth the sexuality of their children. Filled with hope.
Handing On Our Gift (Word Document)

Who’s In Charge Here?: Treats the cultural environment in which we live and the effect it has upon us, as men, women and couples. A dose of reality.
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Father, It’s Us: A prayer book specifically for couples. A night table book that we can turn to in the special circumstances of our married lives.
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You Are A Sacrament!: A probing, yet understandable look at being Matrimonied. Reveals how vital the couple is to the Church.
You are A Sacrament (Word Document)

Having It All: Holds out the vision of a great marriage. Looks at the keys to the full development of a couple’s love.
Having It All (Word Document)

Little Seeds: Covers the day to day possibilities which husband and wife have with one another. Offers encouragement for the ordinary.
Little Seeds (Word Document)

Words To Live/Die By: A challenge to the taken for granted. Attitudes and certitudes about love and life that are offered to us by our society. Offers new opportunities.
Words To Live/Die By (Word Document)

Being Yourself: Looks at people as sexual persons. Helps them to see the beauty and promising possibilities in their full selves.
Being Yourself (Word Document)

The Two of Us: A booklet for lovers designed to give you two months of daily exercises to develop the love that is so vital to your happiness.
The Two of Us (Word Document)

The Couple at Home: 67 exercises to increase your loving response to one another and to assist you in your search for greater closeness.
The Couble At Home (Word Document)